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Flower Box Malaysia


We are all in for a big surprise! Our florists are always fascinating us with their stunning and unique new designs! Easily order a regular freestyle bud box or DOUBLE the love by upsizing your box and wow them to convey that extra love! Like the flowers bursting out of the box, the receiver will burst with so much happiness! Simply:

  • Select the color for the main flowers below (Red, Pink, Pastel, White, Blue (+RM9) or Purple (+RM9))
  • Select the gender and age of the recipient
  • Choose an occasion

*For 2 or more types of flower combination, the total number of stalk(s) used for each type of flowers will be determined by the florist based on the aesthetic feel of the design.

*Please note that customization or requests to replicate a certain picture is strictly NOT allowed.

“Free Message card provided. You can write a message for your recipient on the checkout page later.”


Flower  Box Malaysia

All Bud Boxes are waterproof and sturdy, made from premium quality paperboard.

  • You can select the preferred date and timeslot during checkout (10-3pm, 1-5pm, 5-10pm on Mon-Sat & 10-5 on Sun/PH)
  • For same-day delivery, do make your order before the start of the time slot if you want your order to be delivered within that time slot.
  • You can write a message after this during checkout!

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The daily blooms for you to choose. This bloom box is the best you can find! Simply select the occasion and the color and we will create something for you!

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